Preschool Press April 15, 2019





April 15, 2019


Dear Families,


Preschool continues to work hard every day! The lesson room is busy, Spring crafts are taking place, and observations of our chrysalis continue with much anticipation. Please read on for what the coming week holds!





This week we will focus on the letter and sound of “Vv” and will create Vulture Vic.




Last week the children enjoyed a “mini” reenactment of Palm Sunday and Jesus’ welcome into Jerusalem. As we enter into this most Holy Week we will learn about the Last Supper, Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for us, and His glorious Resurrection! On Wednesday we will be visiting the church to look at the Stations of the Cross.  Information from our Religion curriculum will be sent home for your family to review.



We will review greetings, numbers, colors, size, speed, and we will learn how to make the sign of the cross in Spanish. Our vocabulary will be:

Rabbit – conejo

Flowers- flor

Egg- huevo

Basket- canasta

Candy- confite


Jesus –Jesus






Those caterpillars continue their growth and rest in the chrysalis stage. The children are looking forward to the beautiful butterflies they soon will become.




  • School will not be in session Monday, April 22 – Friday, April 26. XDC will be in full day session 7am – 6:30pm. School resumes regular schedule on April 29.
  • The last day of preschool will be Tuesday, June 18th. It is a preschool tradition to have an all classes picnic in a local park. That is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19thweather permitting. More information will be announced soon. It’s a fun way to end the year.
  • Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school. It becomes problematic when they got lost or broken! Thank you for your support.




















Preschool Press April 8, 2019

Dear Families,

Thank you for your support of the school auction. It is such an important fundraiser for our community!

Once again we had a busy week filled with learning, playing, praying, and fun. Please read on for the many activities that will fill the coming week.



This week we will focus on the letter and sound of “Uu” and will create Umber the Umbrella Bird.


The children will learn the importance of Palm Sunday and Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. The people had heard the amazing things that Jesus had said and done and were excited to catch a glimpse of him and shout his praises.


Great news! Our caterpillars are entering the chrysalis stage! The students are observing this with their magnifying glasses.


Using plastic eggs we will make predictions and explore whether or not the eggs will sink or float in water depending on what is inside.


We will continue to learn about how to solve problems with a variety of solutions and creative and peaceful ideas. We will also review ways to calm our self down.


  • NO SCHOOL April 22nd– 26thfor Spring Break.
  • The Sock Drive ends on Monday, April 8th. Please donate gently used or new socks if possible. These will go to those in need at Mary’s place.



Preschool Press April 1st, 2019



April 1st, 2019


Dear Families,


We had a busy week! Our caterpillars arrived and the children are observing their growth each day. We anticipate the chrysalis stage in about a week. They are excited! Our 4thgrade buddies invited us to participate in a STEM activity. Your children and their partners made umbrellas using lids, straws, pipe cleaners, and many other recyclable materials. It was so fun.




This week we will focus on the letter and sound of “Tt” and will create Tim the Tiger.




This week we will hear the story “Jesus Makes a Blind Man See.” The story helps the children understand Jesus as a healer and develops their awareness of sight as a rare and wonderful gift.


SPANISH: Basic greetings, colors, numbers, size, speed, basic commands.

Practice: Me gusta (I like it) No me gusta (I don’t like it)


Spring Vocabulary:












Auction Catalogues came home today.  There are many wonderful items and experiences for you to bid on, including the Preschool Pizza Party! The online auction begins Monday, April 1stthru Sunday, April 7th. Please see the catalogue for more details. Thank you in advance for your support.


Preschool Press March 25th


March 25th, 2019


Dear Families,

Happy Spring! Thank you to the many families who attended the Sweetheart dance and volunteered to help! It was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time!



We will focus on the letter and sound of “Ss” and will make Suzy Seal.



In the story “The Loaves and Fishes” Jesus shares with others his time, abilities, love and friendship, and there is more than enough for all. We will explore many ways we can share with others.



Last week we created Spring sensory bottles using oil and water and many objects that reminded us of Spring. This week we will explore rain clouds using shaving cream and food coloring.



Unit 4: This week the children will learn the importance of solving problems cooperatively with their friends and finding solutions to their problems and conflicts in a respectful way.





  • Scholastic Book Orders will be due on March 27th.Please be sure and place your orders if interested! Activation code is LKWQ8



Preschool Press March 18


March 18, 2019




Dear Families,


Thank you all for making Grandparent’s and Special Friends Day so wonderful! We enjoyed having you, and meeting the special people who love and support our precious students!  Many thanks for the delicious treats and juices!


Next week in preschool we will focus on the letter “Rr” and make Rhino Ruth.



We will learn the story of the “Good Samaritan.” This is a dramatic example of caring. Jesus teaches us in this story how people should love and care for one another.



We will do a Spring STEM project. With warmer weather on its way, Spring is a great time to explore the weather, light, plants, and colors!




The children will learn new Spring vocabulary and how to say “My Name is_____” (Mi nombre es)

Song: “La Pajara Pinta”.


Arco iris (rainbow)         viento (wind)

Lluvia  (rain)                    sol (sun)

Flor    (flower)                luna (moon)

Gusano (worm)             sombrilla (umbrella)

Mariposa (butterfly)      pozo (puddle)

Nube (Cloud)                botas (boots)




Have a wonderful weekend. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Preschool Press 3/11/2019

Dear Families,

SPECIAL VISITOR’S DAY REMINDER!  Thursday, March 14this Grandparent’s and Special Friend’s Day. Each child may invite one or two visitors to enjoy a special snack and make a project together.  Below are the class schedules:

AM class — Thursday, March 14thfrom 10:15 – 11:00.

PM class—Thursday, March 14thfrom 12:15 – 1:00.


This week we will focus on the letter and sound of “Qq” and create Quincy Quail.


In Religion this week we will learn the story “Jesus Blesses the Children.” When an apostle tries to keep the children back, Jesus invites them to come to Him.  He embraces and blesses them. These are acts of love the children know and understand, which help children see Jesus as someone real and loving.


  • Class Photos are March 12th! Please turn in your order forms if you are interested in purchasing one.
  • School will be in session on Friday, March 15th.
  • Grandparents/Special Friend’s Day, Thursday March 14th.






Preschool Press 3/4/19

Dear Families,


We are so thankful for a full week of school and some beautiful, almost spring like days! Any sign that spring is here encourages us!


This week we will focus on the letter and sound of “Pp” and will create Penguin Pete! Please continue encouraging your child to practice all of the sounds we have learned in preschool this year.


This week we will learn the miracle of “Jesus Calming the Storm.” We will learn how Jesus reminds us that he is always there for us even during difficult times.


We will review:

size large-grande small-pequeno

speed fast-rapido slow-lento

body parts eyes-ojos nose-nariz ears-orejas

mouth-boca face-cara head-cabeza

shoulders-hombros knees-rodillas feet-pies

To celebrate St. Patricks’s Day we are practicing naming green objects:

sapo verde-green frog

camion verde- green truck

hoja verde- green leaf

lima verde- green lime

manzana verde-green apple


  • The in-service originally scheduled for March 15th, will now be a regular school day for all classes. We are making up for one of the snow days.
  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day will be on March 14th. We will send out a separate notice with details for the day.
  • If you arrive in the morning for drop off before the preschool door is open, please wait on the playground side of the fence. The walkway outside the door gets very congested with families trying to get to the main school. Your cooperation is very appreciated!

Thank you! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.




Preschool Press 2/25/19



Hello Preschool families,

We are at the end of February, and are hopeful for a full week of school and some Spring like weather. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility these past weeks as we all navigated through some wintry weather! This coming week we will be “catching up”.


We will focus on the letter and sound of “Oo” and will make Oliver Ostrich. Challenge your children to name objects beginning with the sounds of the letters we have learned so far.


We will begin to learn about Jesus’ miracles. We will learn how Jesus found the apostles, how they followed Jesus and became “Fishers of Men” themselves, encouraging others to follow Jesus.


We will be reviewing greetings and colors this week using a program from the Agency of Instructional Technology. The children will be watching a video that includes Spanish lessons with the help of “Perro Pepe” the dog.


 Mark your calendars for March 14th. This is Grandparents and Special Friends Day. AM students: Visitors are welcome to come to the preschool at 10:20 until 11:00. PM students: Class time starts at 12:15 and their visitors may join them then at preschool until 1:00pm. Refreshments will be served and visitors will help their student create an art project. It is always a fun day for everyone!

 If you find yourself waiting at the preschool doors to be let in, please know that there is a doorbell. Please ring us and we can let you in from upstairs!


Thank you,

Have a wonderful weekend!


Preschool Press 2/4/19


Dear Families,

It was wonderful to meet with all of you at conferences. We love being with your children and your support is fantastic. We are looking forward to enjoying the remainder of the year. If you plan to re-enroll in Pre-K next year, a packet containing instructions will be available in the main school office beginning February 5th– 11th.


Next week we will focus on the alphabet letter and sound of “Oo” and make Oliver Ostrich.


The children will learn February vocabulary:

Love: amor

Corazon: heart

Pink: Rosado

Red: Rojo

Candy: dulces

Chocolate: chocolate

Cupid: Cupido

Gift: regalo


We will learn the story “Jesus Blesses the Children.” He invites the children to come to him and embraces and blesses them. These are actions the children know and understand that help them see Jesus as someone real and loving.




The children may bring individual valentines to preschool friends.



CHILDREN IN THE CLASS. You or your child should sign their name on the Valentines they are handing out. We will celebrate on Thursday, February 14th. Please remember that there are 28 students in the AM class, and 20 in the PM. (If you choose to participate, it’s only necessary to bring for your child’s class.) Thank you!



WINTER BREAK: No school February 15th – 19th.

Mark your calendars for March 14th. This is a special day when we celebrate Grandparents and Special Friends! More information will follow!

Thank you! Have a blessed weekend!








Preschool Press 1/21/19

Dear Families,

The final weeks of January are upon us, and they sure are busy ones! There is no school on Monday, Jan. 21st as we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his tireless work for equality in our world. Ask your child what they know about this great man. We are looking forward to parent teacher conferences Jan. 30th – Feb. 1st. Please return your sign up sheets as soon as possible, so that we can have your conference times available next week.




This week we will continue to review all letters and sounds learned thus far.




We will learn the story of “Jesus is found in the Temple.” This lesson provides opportunity to talk about being lost and what to do if it happens.



Winter Vocabulary

Tengo frio= I am cold

Tengo calor= I am hot

Nieve= snow

Abrigo= coat




Song: “Los Pollitos”



As we conclude learning about Penguins, we will experiment with water and ice, and explore the habitats where they live.




The ALL SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE will be held on Sunday, January 27th at 12:00 after the Sunday 10:30 School Liturgy. This mass and Open House celebration begin the start of Catholic Schools week. Please check the web site for a schedule of events for the week.

Thank you for your wonderful support!


Book Orders will go home on Tuesday, January 22nd, and will be due Monday afternoon January 28th.