September 18, 2017


Dear Families,

The children had a lot of fun at the Jog-a-Thon! Thank you to all of our great families for your generous support of this important event. Preschool runners are super! They especially enjoyed the presence of their fourth grade buddies cheering them on. Did you know that each preschooler is a buddy with a fourth grader? Our classes will meet monthly throughout the year. It’s such fun!



Preschoolers will be busy this week painting shoeboxes, learning the sound “Bb”, making B.B Bunny, and practicing our routines. The children are enjoying many new activities.


The children will learn the story of  “The Good Shepherd.”  The children will learn that Jesus is our Shepherd and always protects, cares, and loves us.


Preschoolers will learn greetings, colors and numbers!

Hello – hola 1. uno

Good-bye – adios 2. dos

Como estas – how are you? 3. tres

Red-rojo 4. cuatro

Naranja – orange 5. cinco

Yellow – Amarillo 6. seis

Green- verde 7. siete

Blue – azul 8. ocho

Purple – morado 9. nueve

Brown-café 10. diez


White – blanco

Pink – Rosado          


The weather is changing! Please send a jacket with your child. We go outside most days and it can be cool and windy on the playground especially in the morning. PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN COATS AND SWEATSHIRTS.


Please send only one or two items for your child’s snack day.  Simple is best.

If your child’s snack date needs to be changed please do so with another preschool family. Let us know about your change.  Class lists are on the back page of the Family Directory.  Also included in the directory are family phone numbers and emails.


Preschool has a need for a few parent volunteers.  

  • One or two parents to be in charge of the Scholastic Book Orders. Please let us know if you are interested and we will provide you the details.
  • One or two parents to represent preschool as our Room Parent/s! This is a fun way to meet others, and can be divided into several jobs.


  • For those having never volunteered on campus, St. John Parish is hosting a Safe Environment Training class on Tuesday, October 3, 6:30-9pm in Egan Hall.
  • All adults volunteering at St. John School in any capacity – classroom, lunchroom, field trips, CYO activities, etc. – must have current Safe Environment/Virtus training.  Once this in-person class has been taken, volunteers will update their training through a link that will be emailed to you in the future.  Please register here for the class:  Click “first time registrant” in the left hand menu, select Seattle Archdiocese and you will see a list of locations.  Look for St. John, or choose one that is more convenient for you.
  • All volunteers must be in compliance to be eligible to volunteer in any capacity with children.  Questions?  Contact Sheila Marty in the parish office, 206-782-2810 or



  • Oct. 6th No school
  • October 25th, 26th, 27th Parent Teacher Conferences.  There will be no school on these days.
  • SHOEBOXES: We are still in need of a few more! If you have extra, please send them in. Thank you!

September 11, 2017

Dear Families,

Congratulations! Your children have had a successful beginning! They are eager learners and so delightful! Last week our students went to the library with Ms. Bodmer to enjoy great stories and had P.E with Mrs. Skokan!

This week will be a busy one too, as we introduce the following in these important areas.


We will focus and learn the sound of the letter Aa and create an Apple Auntie puppet.


We will learn all about Sea Turtles!


The children will learn about the importance of following directions in school and playground safety.


In Religion class this week the children will learn about how much God loves us and how he asks us to be kind to one another. We will also introduce our class prayer table. This being the 100th year of St. John Church, we will talk about our church and our wonderful pastor Father Crispin.


Each week we will have a superstar for the morning and afternoon classes. We will inform you when your child will be the superstar the week before. They will be given a poster to fill out and may bring in 5-6 pictures to share on the SUPERSTAR bulletin board.



  • Friday, September 15th is the school JOG-A-THON! On this day you may come and run with your child or just support our students and cheer them on! We will let you know very soon when our class is running. This is a RAIN OR SHINE event! Later that evening is our all school BBQ from 5-8pm. Please join us for complimentary activities and dinner!
  • NO SCHOOL – Friday, October 6th. Teacher in-service day.
  • Please label ALL backpacks and outdoor wear!
  • Thank you for sending in extra clothes and comfort kits. If you have not done so, please do this as soon as possible. Send each in a Ziploc bag, marked with your child’s name. This is in case of accidents or spills.
  • Please avoid using belts to hold up pants. These can be tricky for young children to use, especially when they need to get to the toilet quickly!
  • If your child attends XDC, please check their folders in the file box each day. Their work and important information can be found there. It is located under the XDC sign–in desk.
  • Many of you have already turned in your shoeboxes – THANK YOU! If not, please do so as soon as possible. The children make many small books in preschool. They will keep these in their decorated shoeboxes and bring them home. It is fun to bring the books out and read through them from time to time. They reinforce what your child is learning in school.
  • Each FRIDAY is P.E. in the gym! Please wear appropriate gym shoes. We play outside on our playground each day too. Be sure your child is wearing sturdy shoes!
  • SNACKS: Snack time is a wonderful time for developing language and social skills. Children love to visit with their peers and practice manners while getting a quick re-fueling. The snack schedule will be posted this week on our website, and posted on the preschool door. Each student will have an opportunity to provide a snack for the whole class.

AM Class: 23 Students

PM Class: 28 Students



Snack ideas: Fruits and veggies – precut and washed, fruit leathers, crackers, string cheese or cheese slices, yogurt – squeezable, mini muffins, cereal, granola bars, rice crispies.


** If your child has allergies, please notify us immediately**

BIRTHDAYS: We enjoy celebrating each child’s birthday (or half birthday if they have a summer birthday.) Their peers make a special birthday book, and we create a special birthday circle in their honor. Sending in birthday treats is just fine. We have found that a cookie, mini cupcake or muffin, or other small treat is best. PLEASE be sure all items are the same; all chocolate, vanilla, etc. NO DECORATED CAKES please.

Thank you for your great effort in getting your child to preschool by 8:15 in the AM and 12:15 in the PM. It makes a difference!

Have a wonderful week. Don’t forget that Sunday, September 17th is the Blessing of the Backpack Mass at 10:30. Hope to see you there!






Welcome to Preschool 2017-2018


August 2017

Welcome to all of our preschool families! We hope you had an enjoyable summer! We are excited to meet you and your children and we are looking forward to an exciting year. This notice is full of important information. Please read carefully and save! Please call us at 206-783-0337 or email us at if you have any questions.



The first few days or weeks can be a big change for your children. Adjusting to new teachers, classmates, and the new environment takes time. Separating from mom or dad can be difficult. Some children separate easily and others may resist or cry. These are normal behaviors for this age. For this reason we need you to make your goodbye short and sweet. If your child is upset we will take them at the door and comfort them until they are ready to join the rest of the group. Once your child gets involved in their day, anxiety subsides and there are lots of smiles.



Please escort your children to the outside preschool door. We will check them in, assist them in hanging up their coat and finding an activity. As soon as the children arrive to the preschool they immediately begin socializing and engaging in many activities with their teachers and classmates. When you are on time you do not interrupt children learning. This is why we want to emphasize the importance of having your children to preschool on time! We open at 8:15 and want everyone present by 8:25. We open in the afternoon at 12:15 and will close the door at 12:25. If your children are not here by 8:25 or 12:25 you must go to the office to obtain a tardy slip. Also, if you are picking up your children early, you must go to the office to sign them out.



Please be prompt to pick up your preschooler. They are ready to be dismissed at 11:15 AM and at 3:15 PM.

As children are being dismissed from preschool, the remaining children are hearing a story, singing or working on the calendar. Please be as quiet as possible in the hallway so as not to disturb the activity.


Rugged Clothing/Toys

Please dress your children in rugged clothing. Sturdy soled shoes are the safest and most preferred for preschool. NO FLIPFLOPS, CROCS, OR SHOES WITH HEELS, PLEASE. As per the parent handbook, socks must be worn everyday. We go outside everyday so please send your child with the appropriate outside gear according to the weather. We go to P.E. every Friday and ask that the children wear gym shoes on this day.

Boots, jackets, sweaters, lunchboxes and backpacks should be labeled to prevent loss. If your child will be attending day care in the afternoons, please drop off all backpacks, lunch boxes, and naptime aids in XDC. We ask that children do not bring toys, stickers or valuable items from home to class.


Change of Clothes

On the first day of school, please send your children with a complete change of clothes in a large ziplock bag labeled with their name in case of an accident. Please include underwear, socks, a shirt, and pants (preferably sweatpants or leggings.) It is helpful to send clothes that are appropriate for any time of the year. When wet or soiled clothes are sent home, please replace them in a new ziplock bag the next day. Please label each item of clothing and the bag, and we will keep these all year.



St. John School has a new website URL:

Our preschool newsletter, “The Preschool Press”, will be posted online to keep you informed. Be sure to check the school website for important dates, activities, and to read the “News Views” (weekly all school newsletter) on Thursdays. IF YOU PREFER A HARD COPY OF THE PRESCHOOL PRESS PLEASE LET US KNOW. You may email us at with any questions or concerns. For emergencies please contact us through the office at 206-783-0337.

If your children attend daycare; all projects, letters, and important information will be placed in a file box and will be available for you to collect daily at XDC at pick up time. Children being picked up at the preschool need to take home the paperwork from their cubbies daily as well.



Our school earns approximately $65,000 from Scrip each year. It is easy to use scrip as there are many merchants who participate in the program. Please take a minute to learn more about Scrip and how you can support St. John School in this convenient way. Please talk to Mrs. White to learn more about Scrip.


Shoe Box

We need shoeboxes for “My Own Little Book Box” project. Each child needs one shoebox. We will paint the boxes and make a special cover. The box will be sent home and will hold the small books the children will create in preschool. The box of books is helpful for “reviewing” what your child is learning in preschool. Please send in extra boxes if you have them.


Preschool Snacks

Our snack calendar and snack suggestion list will follow in a couple of weeks. Please be aware to check for products made with nuts or in a factory that may have other products made with nuts. We cannot serve these.


Earthquake/Disaster Comfort Kits

These will be necessary for all preschool students.

In addition to basic earthquake/disaster supplies at St. John School, the children are required to have a comfort kit that will be kept in the classroom. This kit is designed to calm your children and keep them comfortable while waiting to be picked up. Due to space constraints only the following items are to be included in the comfort kit (no deviations please):

Small working flashlight (please put the batteries loose in the bag)

Stocking cap

Small package of Wet Wipes

One or two photos not larger than 4×6

One page letter to your child to comfort him/her while awaiting your arrival

One pair of tube socks

One small plastic drinking cup 5 or 6 ounce size

Place all items in a one-gallon zip lock bag labeled with your student’s name. Your student should bring this kit on the first day and give it to the teacher.


We look forward to another great year!



Mrs. Castillo, Mrs. Flood, Mrs. Frazee, and Mrs. White