Preschool Press 9/24/18

Preschool Press


September 24, 2018


Preschoolers did super running at the Jog-o-thon. They were so enthusiastic and determined! We thank all of for your support of this fundraiser! You make a difference!


This week the children will focus on the sound of “Bb” and make the puppet Bobby Bear. Preschoolers will be dictating and illustrating a special page for each month of the school year. The pages hang in the classroom next to their photo. For the September page the children drew a self-portrait and dictated their age and favorite colors.

We will also continue learning about apples and how they grow!

The October snack calendar will be out on Monday.



We will learn the story of Creation. We will learn what God created on each of the seven days.



We will begin our Second Step Program. Second Step is an early learning program that uses many techniques to teach children skills such as; paying attention, controlling behavior, listening, and identifying feelings.


STEM ACTIVITY (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Our stem activity will be counting, sorting, and classifying different apples.



Every day we have a special line leader and door holder for going to the restroom and out to recess. We have great helpers! J