May 20th, 2019

Dear Families,

We had a busy week in preschool! Thank you for your continued support as we work hard these final weeks of school.


This week we will focus on the letter “Zz” and make Zebra Zach. Continue to practice all of the sounds and letter names (in random order) with your child, and challenge them to find objects that begin with the sound of “Zz”.




The children will hear the story “The Sower.” The story compares the sowing of seeds to the word of God. Jesus says to be kind, caring, and open to God’s love like the seeds that grow in good earth. (Next week we will plant seeds in preschool.)


We have arrived to our final unit: Learning in Kindergarten, where we are going to review important skills such as listening during circle time, focusing attention, practice independence, and self talk. These skills are going to help your child have a successful transition into kindergarten or the next year of preschool.


Our STEM activity this week will be one involving seeds. We will classify and sort various types and learn what they need to grow!


  • Last day of preschool is June 18th.
  • Preschool Picnic is June 19th. (More info to follow)