Preschool Press 4/23/2020

Buenos Dias! Here’s your lesson!

Today is Spanish!
We are going to review greetings, counting, and other vocabulary learned in school like:
Rapido- lento, Grande-pequeno, and colors!
We are also going to learn Las Partes de la Casa (The parts of the house!)
La puerta: The door
La sala: The living room
El comedor: The dining room
La cocina: The kitchen
El Bano: The bathroom
El cuarto: The bedroom
Las escaleras: The stairs
El atico: The attic
El Garaje: The garage
Fun song to dance to!


(20 min)

***Use materials you may have at home to practice working with numbers, alphabet letters, sounds and reading OR use any of the Internet resources listed below.

Our sound of the week is “u”.  I decided a way to decorate u would be with arrows pointing up.  Have fun naming other words beginning with the “u” sound.
I thought the children might like to create an umbrella bird!
*You will need to trace one of their feet, two hands, make a hook beak, two legs, and a crest that resembles an umbrella.
*Under the wings and tail color yellow.
*Males have black eyes and females are brown.  (See the sample photos.)