Preschool Press 6/2/2020

Hello Everyone! Here is your lesson!

Religion Lesson: Where is Jesus Today?

Jesus said He would be with us always.  We believe He is with us today.  He is in our smiles and helping hands.  He is in our kind words.  We can always have Jesus with us!
We pray that the seeds we have sown this year about who Jesus is, be tended and nurtured by others so that the children will grow in friendship with Jesus and reach the fullness of their potential as children of God.
  1.  Enjoy saying the poem GOD IS THERE.
          When I run in the sun, God is there.
          When I fall playing ball, God cares.
          When I’m sad or I’m glad, God knows.
          When I mind or I’m kind, God sees.
          God is with me day and night,
          Helping me to do what’s right.
          I love you, God!
    2.  Fold a paper into 4 parts and draw a picture in each square of ways you know Jesus is with you…maybe in the love of your pet, or in a 
         special fruit God made for you.  Have someone in your family write your words!  Send a picture of your work to your teachers if you have time.

Language Arts

20 min

Happy June everyone. It’s hard to believe we’re near the end of this school year and we are at the end of the alphabet this week. I think everyone knows the sound and can guess what animal we’re making. Yes, it is a zebra for z sound. I’m sending a picture of a z zebra as a sample for you to make. A few words or names that begin with z are Zoe, zoo and zipper. Try to think of others.


Parents, please be sure to continue practicing with your child letter and sound recognition over the summer. Please do the same with numbers and counting. Repetition is key for retaining what they have learned or are learning.


(20 minutes)

Preschoolers I’m hoping you will do some patterning this week. Pattern by color, size or shape. If you have Legos they work well for all the pattern options. Or use blocks or other objects you have at home. Simple patterns, ababab, abcabcabc or abbabbabb. Try as many patterns as you please. If you would like, send us photos or drawings of patterns you’ve made.


One favorite part of my week is when I see photos and videos you send us and seeing all of you on our Zoom meetups. Hopefully we will see most of you at the preschool pick up day June 10th. Just a reminder, both A M classes are scheduled for 2:00-2:30 and PM is at 2:30-3:00. We will have a bag for each child with their spare clothes, report cards and memory books for you. Unfortunately, there will not be time to visit but it will be great to see everyone and be able to wish you all the best for the summer. Enjoy your week!

Love, Mrs. White


 Have your child choose from any of the following type activities to explore and create:

Legos, Blocks, Puzzles, Games, Coloring, Drawing, Cutting, Painting, Playdough, ETC.



Say Snack Prayer:

Dear Jesus we thank you for the food we are about

to receive. We thank you especially for my family

for providing it.

Eat snack, clean up!

  1. Play outside, run races, jump, climb.  Enjoy any large motor activity OR use one of the links below:



Find two books at home to read to/with your child or use the resource listed below to hear a book read online.

We are always available for questions.  Please text or call at:

Mrs. Castillo 360-473-9694

Mrs. Frazee 425-761-4852

Mrs. White 206-371-6749

More great resources:


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Practical life activities

Montessori Cultural activities

Montessori Cosmic activities