Preschool Press May 13th, 2019

May 13, 2019


Dear Parents,


Happy Mother’s Day to you all! We hope you have a wonderful day with your beautiful families, and enjoy a weekend full of sunshine. Speaking of the sun, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before coming to school. We also kindly ask that your child wear closed toed shoes or sandals. They are the safest when playing, running, and climbing in the play pit! Thank you!



Language Arts:


This week we will focus our attention on the letter “Yy” and create Yolanda Yak.




We have been practicing the Hail Mary daily. In this weeks lesson Jesus teaches, “ The Lord’s Prayer,” a prayer common to all who share the Christian faith and one the children will come to appreciate more fully as they grow in age and understanding.




We will review how to answer basic questions such as:


  1. Es grande pequeno?
  2. Te gusta?
  3. Adonde esta?
  4. Cual quieres?
  5. Como te llomos?


Vocabulary will include:

  1. Mama – mom
  2. Papa – dad
  3. Hermano – brother
  4. Hermana – sister
  5. Abuela – Grandma
  6. Abuelo – Grandpa





This week we will learn about the sun, and how it is the biggest, brightest, and hottest source of light on earth!





  • SAVE THE DATE! Wednesday, June 19this our Preschool Picnic. More information will follow.


  • Tuesday, June 18this the last day of Preschool.