Preschool Press May 27th, 2019

May 27th, 2019


Dear Families,


We finished the alphabet! Please continue to review all of the sounds and letters with your children. A great summer idea is to have your child practice the letters in their names, both upper and lower case.




This week we will hear the story Jonah and the Whale. We will learn how Jonah tried to hide from God and that we can’t hide anything from God. When we do something wrong, God wants us to tell him about it and ask for forgiveness.



We will review greetings, colors, numbers, shapes, and learn

Summer words!

  1. Sun =sol
  2. Hot= caliente
  3. Beach= playa
  4. Sand =arena
  5. Sunglasses= anteojos de sol
  6. Vacation=vacaciones
  7. Airplane= avion
  8. Sandals=sandalias
  9. Hat=sombrero
  10. Towel=toalla
  11. Pool=piscina
  12. Swimsuit=traje de baño



STEM:(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

The final weeks of school will be spent learning about our organs and how they help us grow, stay healthy, and be strong! The focus will be on the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.




  • Last day of preschool is June 18th.
  • Preschool picnic is June 19


Enjoy the long weekend! See you on Tuesday!