Preschool Press November 18th, 2019


Dear Families,

November is well underway and as we near Thanksgiving we are reminded of our many blessings. This week in preschool we will focus on the following:


Our letter of the week is Gg. We will learn the sound and reinforce it with a G craft.


Our theme this week is Thankfulness. We will read Thank You, Thanksgiving and talk about Thanksgiving as a day for thanking God and our family for everything!


The children will learn facts about Native Americans and will create an art project and read stories to celebrate the richness and beauty of their culture.

Watch this video about The Wampanoag with your family:




Different Feelings

In early childhood, children begin to recognize that people can feel and think different things about the same situation. This skill is an important part of social perspective taking. Without this understanding, children will not consider the existence of any perspective other than their own and therefor not develop the appropriate empathy towards others.


For our STEM lesson this week we will do a “dancing corn” experiment using baking soda and vinegar and play a Pumpkin Pie math game.


We continue to collect food for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. Please send in non-perishable items for our neighbors in need.  Thank You!


The children are learning to sing “TURKEY TIME” this time of year. Below are the lyrics:

Turkey time, pumpkin pie.

Frosty weather in the sky.

Families gather round

For Thanksgiving Day.


On that first Thanksgiving Day,

The Indians brought the meat.

The Pilgrims brought the vegetables,

And they all sat down to eat.


(Repeat: Turkey time, pumpkin pie…)


Each year on this day of thanks,

The people that we love.

Gather round to thank the Lord,

For blessings from above.


(Repeat:  Turkey time, pumpkin pie…)


  • Picture Make – Up and Retake Day will be November 20th from 8:30 – 9:30am in Egan Hall.
  • NO SCHOOL November 27th-29th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • You are invited to help put packets of goodies together for our homeless neighbors on Tuesday, November 15th from 6:30-8:30pm in Egan Hall.