Preschool Press November 1st, 2019

Dear Families,

Happy November! Our preschoolers sure enjoyed the Halloween festivities yesterday.  They were darling in their costumes and had fun singing to our parish senior citizens, attending the carnival, and enjoying one another’s costumes.  Please read on for next week’s activities. Thank you!


This week we will focus on the letter and sound of Ff and make an Ff sound craft.


Last week we learned about “All Saints Day”. We talked about what a Saint is and how they teach us to be like Jesus. This week we will read the lesson of the Prodigal Son. We will discuss forgiveness and learn whenever we make mistakes that God lovingly forgives us.


Our STEM lesson this week will be centered on Fall harvest and the vegetables that we find this time of year. We will also continue with our building of structures with pumpkins and marshmallows.

Click here to watch a video of the kids!


 This week we will teach the children the meaning of the word Empathy.

Empathy can motivate children to respond to different situations in a caring way.

A good way to review this lesson at home is during story time or while watching a movie. Ask “How is the character feeling?”, talk about it.


November Scholastic book order forms will be sent home on November 4th. Please turn your orders in by Thursday, November 7th, as it is a short week.


We will continue collecting food for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. Please send in non-perishable items for our neighbors in need.  Thank you for your support!


The children will be learning to sing “TURKEY TIME” this time of year. Below are the lyrics:

Turkey time, pumpkin pie.

Frosty weather in the sky.

Families gather round

For Thanksgiving Day.

On that first Thanksgiving Day,

The Indians brought the meat.

The Pilgrims brought the vegetables,

And they all sat down to eat.

(Repeat: Turkey time, pumpkin pie…)

Each year on this day of thanks,

The people that we love,

Gather round to thank the Lord,

For blessings from above.

(Repeat:  Turkey time, pumpkin pie…)


No school on November 8th and 11th.

No school on November 27th, 28th and 29th for the Thanksgiving Holiday