Preschool Press 10/1/18

October 1st, 2018

Happy October! What a lovely September! This week the children will focus on the sound of “Cc” and make “Camel Cal”. The children will be making new pushpin art and before you know it Halloween project time will be here!

The scholastic book order form will be coming home this week. To order, go to Under the parent tab, use the activation code: LKWQ8 to set up your account! Oct. 7 is the last day to submit your order!


The children will learn the story of Noah’s Ark. We will discuss ways we can love God like Noah and explain that God keeps his promises. The children will learn the meaning of the rainbow.


We will begin learning numbers, colors, and greetings.

Hola – Como estas? (Hi! How are you?)

Bien Gracias! ( Well, Thank you!)

Y usted? (and you)

Adios – goodbye

Counting: uno/one dos/two tres/three  cuatro/four   cinco/five

Colors: Rojo /red Amarillo/ yellow Verde/ green   Azul/ blue Morado /purple

Café/ brown   Negro/ black Blanco/ white Rosado/pink


The weather is changing and we are now wearing jackets out to play. Please help your child practice putting on his/her coat. Before you know it your child will be able to put their coat on all by themselves! Please label your child’s coat and sweaters.


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